Hi, I'm Sheree

If you’re looking for someone with:

✅ An eye for design

✅ The ability to put thoughts + ideas into words

✅ Uses tech to create streamlined solutions

✅ Keep everything organized and on track

Or a magical mix of all of the above

I’m the Web Designer + VA for YOU 🦄

And That Handsome Pup? That's J.

He’s Co-Head Houncho of Operations and loves to provide an extra sprinkle of love to my clients work. 

Core Values

Aligned values so we can create global, meaningful impact that actually makes a difference in the world.

Ready to grow your business?
We can amplify + scale it together. Allow me to help.

👉🏼 I believe entrepreneurs have a wonderful advantage. They have the ability to share their message far and wide, boundlessly.
🌿 If you’re growing your brand and are looking for virtual assistant support or a web designer, I’m here to help.
❤️ I love working with individuals and brands with a strong ethos and desire to impact the world positively.
👉🏼 Let me help you take your visions and dreams and make them a reality. You’ve got enough on your plate. You deserve to focus on your zone of genius and free your time.


"Working with Sheree was great!"

As a creator myself, it’s always good to get a second pair of eyes on a project, and I always call on her for that. She’s easy to work with and always has really good ideas for things I’m working on. I highly recommend her for all your content/blogging/social media needs! She goes above and beyond every time.

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The Sky's The Limit

Let's Be Honest...

Between running your business, keeping your clients and customers happy, and trying to find that work/life balance, you’re not exactly drowning in free time. 😵‍💫
👉🏼 This is why eventually, you reach a point in your business where courses, books, podcasts, free themes or templates and $37 toolkits just won’t get you the results you’re after.
👉🏼 Nope, instead, what you need is someone’s eyes on your brand, looking for opportunities to optimize, 👀 providing the big-picture perspective you struggle to see, and making sure you have a website that WORKS FOR YOU 🙌🏽

Your next step

How Can I Help You?

Get a glimpse of the different ways I can support you below. Think you need services that don’t “fit” into the boxes below?  Or need help deciding? No worries, Let’s chat. Book a quick call and we can figure it out. I’ll see if I can help or refer you to someone that can.

wordpress website designer

copywriting + design

Stunning Sales Pages

Tired of spending weeks (or even months, yikes) trying to write a sales page that just doesn’t seem to convert? Let me help. In just one day, I’ll work with you to craft a sales page that not only looks great but also drives conversions. Goodbye frustration👋🏼 and hello to revenue.

certified kajabi designer

website in a week

Get A Website That Works

Let’s turn your vision, brand brilliance, and personality into a beautiful, strategic, easy-to-use website where you can confidently showcase your services (aka your digital storefront) and feel proud. #nomorehidingrequired
Now, go focus on what you do best, so I can do the rest.

sales page design

retainer services

Secure Monthly VA Support

If you’re looking for someone with an eye for design, the ability to put thoughts + ideas into words, uses tech to create streamlined solutions, keeps everything organized and on track or a magical mix of all of the above, then I’m the Web Designer + VA for YOU 🦄


You've got questions? I've got answers!

Your investment varies per project/service.

Most clients typically invest between $4000-$7000 for a website design.

Sales Page design & copywriting, and most other VIP Experiences (i.e. sorted in a day) range from $700-$1500 

Standard hourly VA packages are listed below:

10 hours: $450.00
20 hours: $900.00
30 hours: $1,350.00

Web Design

Sales Page Design

Content Creation


Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Course Management

Funnel Creation

And More

(Why yes, I have taken wayyy to many courses and built even more niche sites than I needed over the last decade!

I’m happy to communicate via email, live video calls, prerecorded messages (like loom), Voxer, Asana, or Notion.

I like your style!

Here’s where I stand:

Enneagram 1

INFJ (Diplomat, Advocate)

Adobe Creative Type: The Adventurer

Human Design: Manifestor

Four Tendencies:


What does that all mean? It means I’m attentive and conscientious. I’m willinging to go DEEP. I have a knack for identifying problems and finding solutions faster, better, and deeper than client with said problem. Let’s make magic.

I studied Sociology and Psychology. I have a Bachelors of Arts (BA Hons.)

Your information is safeguarded to the best of my ability and according to the safety measures of the companies used. In regards to personal data, such as passwords, we use a password manager to ensure encryption. It goes without saying that I will never spam you or sell your data.

This depends on the scope of the project. Let’s chat, and we can discuss a timeline.

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